What packaging material do you use?

We try to reuse our packaging material as much as possible.

Sometimes we use new cardboard boxes, sometimes they are boxes that come from our suppliers. Where possible we reuse the cardboard boxes we receive from our suppliers. In this way, existing materials are recycled and less waste is produced.

The filling material is always recycled material from wholesalers.

Biodegradable biochips from Flo-Pak® The Bio One

We use 100% biodegradable chips from Flo-Pak® The Bio One to fill the boxes in your order. These Bio Chips are certified by DIN CERTCO in accordance with EN 13432. The Bio Chips contain only compostable materials: air, water and vegetable starch. They break down completely into usable compost that even provides valuable nutrients to the earth, making them a truly sustainable packaging solution. The odorless, green-colored chips form an impenetrable barrier around the products, preventing them from sinking to the bottom of the box. The chips provide high-level shock protection for your goods, minimizing the chance of breakage. Made from exclusively non-genetically modified raw materials, colored with natural food coloring.

Opus Bio air cushions

We also reuse biodegradable air cushions that can be processed via green waste or composting. Opus Bio uses a special additive that ensures that the material used for the air cushions completely breaks down, as measured by ASTM D6954-04. Opus Bio is completely biodegraded in 12 to 24 months when it comes into contact with moisture, micro-organisms and oxygen and leaves no toxic residues or heavy metals in nature.

Biodegradable plastic bags

To protect some of our larger products, such as meditation cushions and yoga bolsters, we use biodegradable plastic bags. You can also use these again yourself and then process them in the green bin or through composting.

Minimize unprocessable waste

We ask our manufacturers and suppliers to use as few materials as possible that cannot be recycled. However, you will still see some products packaged in plastic or secured against damage using polystyrene, such as our crystal singing bowls and fragile statues. The choice of materials from our suppliers is of course not in our hands and/or sometimes there is no sustainable alternative available yet. We continuously communicate with our suppliers to use less plastic and encourage them to think with us about how we can improve the use of sustainable materials in packaging and how we can reduce waste production in general.

I have seen a product in the store, but it is not in the webshop, can I still order it?

Yes, send an email to info@demane.nl and we will help you further.

I am looking for a different size singing bowl, can I order this?

Yes, send an email to info@demane.nl and we will help you further. We will contact our supplier to see if we can order these for you.

I am looking for a specific product, can you help me?

Send an email to www.demane.nl and we will see if we can find something like this within our network.

Can I change or add anything to my order?

Yes, as long as the order has not yet been shipped, it can still be changed. This can be done in the following three ways

*Send an email to info@demane.nl with the changes.

*Place an additional order and indicate in the comments that it is a changed or added order. We will then settle the correct amount and the additional shipping costs.

*Place a completely new order with the correct products. We will then cancel the incorrect order and you will receive a refund.

Can I have something wrapped as a gift?

Yes, just put the product in the comments and we will pack it for you.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Then simply contact us at info@demane.nl .