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The magic of mother earth

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The earth is bursting with magical energies and valuable wisdom. With earth magic you connect with the same earth and use its powers to flourish.

Earth magic is suitable for any witch and perfect for those new to the world of witchcraft, as well as for experienced witches looking to develop their skills. You learn:

• How to cast circles and perform rituals
• How crystals work and how you can use them
• How to tell fortunes, for example with runes
• How to use the powers of the four seasons and elements
• How to monitor your energy if you're an empath
• How to achieve personal growth and transformation through shadow work
• How to connect with your own energy on a deeper level
• How to balance and ground your energy

Author: Lindsay Squire

Number of pages: 176

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    The magic of mother earth
    The magic of mother earth
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