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Florida Water (Original)

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This is the real Florida Water (Aqua de Florida) from Peru based on natural alcohol. It is much purer (because of the natural alcohol) and has a higher vibration than the alternatives that are for sale here and there (cologne-based).

In addition to citrus elements (including bergamot and lemon), the alcohol-based recipe also contains herbs (cloves, cinnamon and lavender) and flowers (orange blossom and rose). This Florida water has a wonderfully deep, fresh, mysterious and magical scent and effect.

Can be used for cleaning rooms and the aura. To be used in scented water for ancestor rituals.

Put a dash of it in the bath to cleanse yourself (for example a swiet watra). Put a dash of it in a bucket to clean/mop the house with. In a spray bottle to regularly mist it above you or in a room.

Contents: 270 ml

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    Florida Water (Original)
    Florida Water (Original)
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