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Wood carving Ohm sign

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Wood carving in the theme of OHM.

Because AUM is the most sacred mantra, it symbolizes the highest, the best, the essence ... When talking about the universe, AUM stands for the origin, the ground, space, infinity. If the subject is man, AUM stands for the highest in man: the divine spirit or Atma.

  • A symbolizes our waking consciousness
  • You symbolize our dream consciousness (thinking, feeling, wishing, wanting)
  • M symbolizes our deep sleep consciousness (the indefinable Oneness of Things).
  • The three letters together represent the experience of infinite, cosmic consciousness.

Wood carving handmade in Bali.

Dimensions: 15 cm.

Handmade; every hand carving and color of the woodwork is therefore unique.

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    Wood carving Ohm sign
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