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Koshi Ignis (Fire)

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The sound of the Ignis makes you happy.
Voted in: GBDGBDGA
The zodiac signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are connected to the element Fire.
This Koshi can be recognized by the red dot in the O of Koshi on the sound box.
Dimensions: 16.5 cm

The sound box of the Koshi's is constructed from layers of bamboo veneer, giving them beautiful acoustics. This pure musical instrument has a full, deep sound that is rich in overtones.
By moving the Koshi back and forth the sound is released.
You can also hang the Koshi near a window or door where an occasional breeze blows through. Preferably not hanging outside. If you want to hang the Koshi wind chime outside, only under a roof and then treat the bamboo with teak oil.
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    Koshi Ignis (Fire)
    Koshi Ignis (Fire)
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