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Palo Santo

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Set of five sticks of Palo Santo wood.

Palo Santo is magical, sacred and unique. This sacred wood has been used for centuries by shamans and healers for rituals and purification purposes.

Environmentally friendly
The Palo Santo is harvested without any damage to living trees. This Palo Santo comes from fallen branches in the forests of Peru.
Certified by: the National Forest Service and Wildlife of Peru (SERFOR).

How to use
Light one end of the stick, let it burn for a few seconds and then blow out the flame. Blow the smoke over your body or the objects you want to cleanse. Palo Santo gives a light, sweet scent. Can be used multiple times.

Weight: 50-70 grams per set of 5 sticks (10 cm per stick)

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    Palo Santo
    Palo Santo
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