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Smudge stick orange & cinnamon

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Smudge stick of bound white sage with orange and cinnamon.

This sage comes from a farm in Southern California. The sage bundles are harvested by hand and tied by hand. No pesticides or growth hormones are used and the sage is dried in the sun.

Operation : smudging (energetic cleaning of spaces, people and objects):

Light the smudge stick, wait until it catches fire and then blow it out. Spread the smoke carefully (possibly with a feather) and ensure good ventilation and removal of the smoke by opening windows/doors so that the smoke can escape properly. When you are ready, extinguish the smudge stick by pressing it out in a bowl with sand while rotating. Can be used multiple times.

Size: 10-12 cm

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    Smudge stick orange & cinnamon
    Smudge stick orange & cinnamon
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