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Yoni egg Green Aventurine

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Green Aventurine supports recovery and strengthens life force. Inspires optimism, self-confidence and brings peace.

A yoni egg can help you train the PC muscle, specifically the pubococcygeus muscle. This is the muscle you contract when you hold your urine. By exercising this muscle you strengthen your sexual energy.

It is the power of resistance, this will make the muscles stronger. If you are not used to training this muscle, you may initially experience the feeling of muscle pain.

If you are a beginner, you can practice with the largest egg size. If you are more trained, you can always practice with a smaller egg.

A yoni egg can also contribute to greater sexual pleasure. Getting to know your vagina better and training the muscles can also increase your sensitivity and pleasure. In addition, a trained pelvic floor helps against incontinence.

Incl. storage box


4.5cm x 3cm

*The stone may differ from the image, we will select the most beautiful one for you.

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Yoni egg Green Aventurine
Yoni egg Green Aventurine
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